Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Piece of Cake-Part Two

Ten Loaded Words

*prostitution(page 78): I think this is a loaded word because people know what this means and it is so sad that people would disrespect themselves that much just for money.
*druggie(page 81):
This is a loaded word because someone who does drugs would feel bad being categorized like that but at the same time being a druggie is not something you should want to do and is very unhealthy.
*asshole(page 96):
Just like all swear words this word can be very offensive to people.. You'd never say this word to someone like your grandmother or a teacher but some people say it when they are really mad at some
gang(page 106):
This is a loaded word because the word gang symbolizes violence. Violence is something that is clearly bad and never represented in a good way for obvious reasons. Some people are in them, some people are scared of them. The word can have different feelings for different people.
*nigga(page 113):
This word is very hurtful and should never be said. It is a very racist word and is super offensive to black people.
*shooting(page 117):
This word can having different meaning for different people. A person who hunts would think nothing bad of this word but a person who is against guns would think of this word in a non positive way because it is representing violence.
*homies(page 120):
This word can be a fun name friends call one another or be represented as a bad name for a gang member.
*smoked(page 141):
This word can also having different emotional meaning for different people. For people who are smokers this is just a common word in their vocabulary. For people who are against smoking this word can mean something different to them and be a non positive and very unhealthy word.
*miscarriage(page 146):
This word is a very touchy and sensitive word. For anyone who has ever had a miscarriage this word can bring back those saddened times.
*gang banger( page 146):
This word can be offensive or just hard to understand because it means people who are apart of a gang that all have sex which is definitely not good because they are doing things for the wrong reasons.
*abused(page 154):
This word is also a touchy one because people who have been abused would look at this word and re live the pain, for those who have not been abused they know what abuse can consist of emotionally and physically.


In this section much of what was going on last section. Cupcake continues her smoking and drinking and is back living with Diane and then running away. Diane finds out that she has diabetes in this section but is still mean as ever. Cupcake runs away and gets back with Diane several times as well. Cupcake gets pregnant but has a miscarriage and Diane makes her suffer through the physical and mental pain at the house not even the hospital. After this Cup runs away and goes to Hollywood. In Hollywood she joins a gang and everything keeps getting worse and worse. She continues her drug and alcohol addictions through these sections. In the end Cup goes back to the man she calls "daddy's" home.


My feelings of this section were just like the last. I feel so badly for Cupcake and do not see how she can remain so strong and keep going with all that she has been through. In hearing her writing in this memoir it seems so real like I'm right there with her going through all these hard times with Cup. I can't even imagine how she must have felt through that and must have felt just so disrespected her entire life.

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Jenna said...

Rachel! Your summary is well done with a lot of details that are important. I think that the only thing you need to improve on is making it a little less confusing. It was sometimes hard to follow what you were trying to say. Your blog is very colorful and fun to look at. Your postings are of much depth and show that you are connected to the book aswell! Keep up the good work!