Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 3, part 1

At the beginning of this section Cup is sixteen years old. She just found an apartment to live in and loves living alone, it is much different from her having to run away all the time. The rules for her living alone until the emancipation was settle in the courtroom was that Cupcake must have a job and be in school. So, Cup went out to find her first job and she got hired being an "alarm monitor". It was a pretty easy job for her, she'd come to work after school drunk and high and then fall asleep on the job and wake up in the morning for school. The day that Cup was legally emancipated she quit school but stuck with her job. Cupcake became close friends with her next-door neighbor named Rich. Rich was a twenty five year old drug dealer and they would smoke together. Cup awoke one morning with a very sharp pain in her abdomen, Rich called the ambulance and she went to the hospital. The doctors told her that an IUD was left in too long and moved into her uterus, he also told her that she had gonorrhea, which is a sexually transmitted disease. Rich had to move for the army and asked Cup if she wanted to take over his business and customers. Cupcake decided it'd be good to get that money and she could then quite her alarm job. Cup loved selling weed for a few reasons. She liked it because her house became the happenin’ place to be and because she always had cash. Besides weed Cup started selling meth, cocaine LSD and sherm. On her seventeenth birthday Cupcake threw herself a huge party. It got out of hand and the police showed up and busted the party. Cupcake mouthed off and cussed out the cops and was almost taken to jail for underage drinking. After the party Cup and her friends had the munchies and one of her friends went to the store to get some chicken for them. When they started cooking the chicken, Cupcake felt nauseous from the smell. She knew she was pregnant because this is how she had felt last time she was pregnant. Cupcake went to the free clinic to get examined and sure enough she was pregnant. She called Calvin who she figured out was the father and made him give her money for an abortion. Cup’s life selling drugs sure enough ended and she was out of money, so she decided to live with her daddy.

Cupcake Brown is now a very successful lady. She has written a memoir of her life and is a lawyer at a large firm in San Fransisco where she lives. Cup also speaks all over the country telling her story of how even through all of the negative things that had happened in her life she still found hope and made her dreams come true.Brown realized she wanted to change her life around when she saw a reflection of herself in a window and saw really just how much the drugs were effecting her. She then went to college for eleven and a half years then to law school and ended up graduating in the top 10% of her class!Cupcake Brown is a one of kind person to have that much courage to change her life around and make something of herself. and info)

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