Thursday, October 25, 2007

week 5, parts 1 and 2

Part one: commented on two people's blogs

Part two: In part 5, the man known as the "Preacher", pulled Cup over because she had failed to yield the right-of-way and she knew it was because he saw her leaving the dope street. Cup was afraid that he would do something bad to her, but instead he just told her some important information. He told her that she did not belong out there, I think this means that the "Preacher" doesn't think Cup should be living the way she is. He also tells her he knows that God has a plan for Cup and that she is special, but before she turns her life around she will hit rock bottom he tells her. Cup talked to him three more times that year and he kept getting her out of trouble with her dope problems. Ken (Cup's boss) had a baby girl and would be taking off work to help take care of her. Cup decided she would be taking off work too then, but Dorothy( the new secretary) thought this violated Cup's provision but Ken still in a different world from his baby girl said to forget about it and that Cup was fine. The physical effects of Tommy and Cup's drug use were getting worse on their bodies. Tommy had problems with his bowels and Cup would loose control of her facial muscles and couldn't keep her lips closed. Cup said she did not even enjoy getting high anymore and everyday said she would stop getting high but it didn't happen that way. Cup couldn't even get high but she could not stop and hated what the drugs were doing to her body and her life. Daddy and Jr. were discussing Cup and Tommy's drug problem and decided they needed help. Tommy admitted that he wanted help and Cup agreed too. The first step to recovery for Cup was a 12-step program for coke addicts. She and Daddy went to a meeting where they showed them characteristics of cocaine addicts. Cup said that the meeting had convinced her that she was not an addict but she could relate to everything that they described as one. Tommy didn't use for one day but then used dope the next night. Cup stole $500 from someone she loved for the first time, from her Daddy. Daddy went to Tennessee for his father's funeral and said his co-workers had given him money as sympathy of his father, before Daddy even boarded the plane Cup and Tommy had spent it all. When Daddy returned Cup told him how she had stolen his money and he moved out. Daddy said he could no longer watch Cup and Tommy kill themselves. Once Daddy left Cup and Tommy had no reason to try and be responsible and used their money on drugs and had none left for their rent payments. After 2 days of living in a car, they found a new apartment and Cup left Tommy. Cup left him for a terrible reason, that he was just in her way and she figured she could get more high by herself. Tommy threatened Cup and said if she left him she'd leave with nothing and he'd get everything even their car, Cup didn't care and walked to Mona and James's house. They agreed to let Cup live there under 3 conditions, they would control her drinking limits, no crack in the house and the third condition was she had to keep a job and pay rent. Ken was discovering the mistakes Cup was making but she knew she couldn't quit so she tried to get more energy to work harder and one day came up with an idea to commit suicide. Cup was going to her dope spot one day and still thinking of ways to die. She decided she was going to steal dope, when the dope man returned he chased her, smashed her cheekbone into the ground and held a gun to her head. To the mans suprisement Cup told him to kill her and he was astonished from that everything went black and when she woke up she was lying behind a dumpster. Cup could not remember anything, where she'd been the night before what had happened or anything else. Her right temple was hurting very badly but she could not seem to remember anything that had happened. Cup called Ken and so she could take some time off work so she lied and told him that she had Colon cancer. Cupcake came up with a plan for her suicide and it was to get AIDS. Mona caught Cup with her pipe for the third time and kicked her out of her house. Cup decided she would leave at the dumpster that she woke up that one time. While at the dumpster, Cup had time to talk to God and a voice told her to go into work at Ken's office and tell him she was quiting because of a drug problem. So, Cup walked all the way to his office and told him this. Ken told Cup he wanted to help her and got on the phone to get Cup sent into Mesa Vista Hospital. As Cup was on her way to the hospital she kept changing her mind on wither or not to get help and was experiencing withdrawal symptoms. When Cup got to the hospital a lady named Sam asked her numerous questions to figure out where to put her. Cup experienced terrible withdrawals where her hands shook, she was burning hot then cold etc. One of Cup's first assignments in rehab was to write good-bye letters to her drugs and she spent a long time on this.She began attend 12-step meetings at Mesa Vista also. Cup talked to God a lot through her recovery period and attended a lot of meetings on her road to recovery. Cup went to a place called the Alano Club for alcoholics and recovered alcoholics.Cup asks Venita to be her sponsor and met her at the Alano Club.

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