Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week 3, part 2

Dear Journal,
I am reading the book "A Piece of Back" for my outside reading memoir. The memoir is about a girl, Cupcake Brown and how her life changes after she finds her mother dead when she was just 11 years old. Her real father was then given custody of her and her brother, Larry but he only wanted them for the money and gave them up to a foster home. At the foster home Cup was abused and raped and lived a terrible life cleaning all day long and getting nasty meals. She decided to run away and learned the ropes of prostitution, drug dealing and gangs. Cup became very addicted to alcohol, weed, crystal meth, cocaine and acid. The book has many strengths, the main one being that it is very descriptive and makes you feel Cup's pain right along there with her. One weakness is that the book is very long. I understand that Cupcake's life has many different aspects and parts she wanted to put into her memoir its just a long read. The issues brought up are all very tough.Drugs and drug dealers are a scary topic but yet appear in my life in that people I know do drugs and is hard because i do not agree with their decisions. Abortion is also brought up in the book which is a very tough topic. I personally am torn up on this topic. I think it should be the mothers choice whether or not to keep the baby, but if the mother is in Cup's situation and sleeping with many different men and for the wrong reasons. I am for abortion if the situation is different and has to deal with rape. Another topic brought up is alcoholism. My best friend’s mom is an alcoholic and so I know how difficult this can be on family. I predict that Cupcake will turn her life around and make something out of her life in the end and get through all of her struggles.


Jennifer T said...

i like your blog post because it makes the book seem very interesting. it makes the non-reader want to read the book. one thing you could improve on is having a little more detail. overall you have good, interesting blog posts.

shehickey said...

I really like the format of your blog. It has made it very easy for me to find yuor latest postings. I would say add a little more detail to your summary but overall great job! Also do your week 4 adn 5 postings!