Monday, October 8, 2007

The Dive Bell and the Butterfly Reflection Blog

We just got done reading the memoir, The Dive Bell and the Butterfly and I honestly was not much of a fan. When I found out that we'd be reading this memoir in class I thought the book sounded very interesting and I was excited to read it but it was not what I was expecting. I thought the book had way too many metaphors. The memoir was also quite depressing which is not unexpected starting the book and knowing about the author's accident. The memoir was just boring and it seemed to drag on, it is incredible that Bauby could write the entire book with communicating with his left eye lid but he could have wrote a book that more people could understand and that had a little more going on with it. This book to me did not really seem like a memoir just because it was mostly him thinking of his life before he suffered from locked-in syndrome and I do not know if it really was a memoir. Dive Bell and the Butterfly seemed more like Bauby wanted the readers to feel bad for him when he maybe could have tried a little harder to find some positive things to what fate had happen to him. Some parts of the book that were interesting and fun to read about was when Bauby talked about his children. I cannot even imagine how tough it must be on him and his family to be in this state of locked-in syndrome. One positive to the book was that I got to learn more about locked-in syndrome coming into this knowing nothing. It was interesting to read things from his prospective and things hit hard like wheelchair and having to be fed through feeding tubes the rest of his life. In conclusion this book had its positives and many negatives. I would not recommend this book to anyone but it was interesting to learn more about what locked-in syndrome really is.


Mikey said...

interesting point of view

Arman S. said...

Really good job supporting your argument on how you didnt like the book. Good examples