Monday, October 22, 2007

week 4, part 1

"Soon, I didn't have to think. I didn't have to feel. I didn't have to remember."-Cupcake Brown (page 176)
I think this quote represents what the overall tone of the story is, that Cup uses drugs and drinking to get through any and all obstacles she faces in her life. After her mother's death Cupcake was left with a crazy foster parent and her life was changed dramatically. Cup began using drugs heavily and in this quote it means that after Cup would get high off of the drugs she wouldn't have to think or feel or remember all the things she dealt with such as death of a parent, rape, homelessness and having several abortions. Cup also frequently would get so drunk she'd black out and her entire life revolved around how she would get a hold of more drugs and more alcohol, nothing else really mattered to her. I believe that she coped with her issues by using drugs and drinking because she did not have to feel the pain she has.
"Should I take the easy way out or, for once in my life, try to actually learn something, earn something, finish something."-Cupcake Brown (page 183)
This quote also represents the tone of this memoir because all throughout the book Cup's was looking for ways to get the easy way out of things. From age 11 to her mid-twenties her entire life is just one big party and all she cared about was that, drinking and drug use. This quote is talking about the particular part of the book when Cup pays Sara one hundred dollars to update Cup's records and make it seem like she took her required courses of college and this is how Cupcake got her certificate of graduation for "completing" college. Cup also took the easy way out with the death of her mother. Instead of dealing with this great loss and talking to people about it, she covered up her tears with a smile and a joint. Cup became pregnant many times and each time she took the easy way out and got abortions. I think if she would have kept the baby she would have learned alot and had a better life, but I believe she was afraid to love because she didn't feel much love from anybody in her growing up except for Daddy and Jr.

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