Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Loving Natale Post 3A

Vocabulary Words-

* indiscernible (page 62) : something that cannot be seen or perceived clearly, imperceptible.

*paraphernalia (page 71) : personal belongings.

Figurative Language-

"They stagger around like zombies."(page 71) This figurative language is simile because it compares how the people at the crack house were staggering around like zombies, but aren't actually zombies. It uses one literal thing and compares it to something thats not literal.
"We retire to our rooms by midnight, ready for the onslaught of crazy calls to come, waiting for the onslaught of crazy calls to come, waiting through the night of standyby to resume the wild goose chase."(page 90) This is use of personification because it is saying how the chase for finding Natalee is so hectic and it is like a wild goose chase, but not literally chasing geese it is just so hard to find and comprehend the facts of her disappearance.
"I'm paralyzed with fear, not sure if I'm actually breathing or not."(page 91) This figurative language is irony because Beth Holloway is so overwhelmed with her daughter being on this great trip one day then receiving a terrible call saying she is missing on a foreign island and Beth is trying to find her in Aruba and no one is being of much help.

"Spreading the word is our focus, and even with Alberto's guidance it's quite trying, because everything takes a very long time to accomplish."(page 61) I believe that this quote is significant because Beth is doing everything in her will to find her daughter, doing TV commercials nationally in the U.S. and in Aruba, doing interviews, putting up posters and putting ads in the newspapers everywhere.
One emerging theme I see happening is that Beth will find more pieces to the story but it will be false information.

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