Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Loving Natalee: Post 1B

In the first few pages, Beth Holloway the mother of Natalee Holloway is talking about her life today and then it flashes back to the days before Natalee disappeared. Beth talks about clearing out Natalee’s room and talks about what kind of person Natalee was.

“ Natalee always worked very hard at everything she did. She was and all-around success story: she made friends easily, she made straight A’s, she made the National Honor Society.” (page 6) This quote is important because it makes you realize how great of a person Natalee was and what she was like. Beth tells about how just days before Natalee left she had graduated from high school and was very excited for the trip. Beth warned her to stick close to friends at all times on the trip and was already nervous because she had heard bad stories about people’s trips to Aruba but knew that Natalee would stick close to friends. Beth talks about how she decided to take a trip to their lake home with her sisters the day that Natalee left to spend time with her family. Beth was out shopping with her sisters when she received the terrible phone call that changed her life. The travel agent said that Natalee had not shown up for the bus ride that morning and her friends said she did not come home that night from the Carlos N’ Charlie’s club/bar that they had gone to the night before. Beth said she instantly knew that something terribly bad had happened to her daughter. She drove nine hours at 102 mph to get back to their hometown in Birmingham, Alabama. She informed her husband Jug that they had to get to Aruba at once.

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