Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Loving Natalee: Post 2A

Vocabulary Words-

*adhering(page 34): to stay attached, cling

*mustering(page 34): to call troops together for inspection

Figurative Language-

"Her badge identifies her as a U.S. Homeland Security Office representative, and I hone in on her like a radar."(page 35) I know this is a literary element and that it is a simile because it uses like and compares the person to a radar when she know the badge isn't actually a radar.
"It would wash over us like the tide, then ebb."(page 36) Again I know this is a simile because it uses like and compares it to the tide and Beth Holloway is talking about how the tragic disappearance of her daughter is hitting them hard like a tide.
"He is tall. Good looking boy. Like a Dutch marine."(page 39) This third example of figurative language from the book is yet again another simile. I know its a literary element because the lady working at the casino is describing Joran the person Natalee was last seen with and comparing him to a dutch marine saying he is that handsome but Joran really is not a dutch marine.

"It's very frustrating that no one will take any action or offer any help. Perhaps this is just how they do it down here."(page 40) I choose this quote because I think that this could be an arising theme, that Beth comes all the way to Aruba in hope to find her daughter and the people
there are not willing to do much for her to help find Natalee.

One emerging theme I see happening in the book is them finding even more evidence that it was Joran who either kidnapped or killed Natalee.

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