Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Loving Natalee: Post 2B

In the beginning of this section Beth Holloway has just arrived in Aruba in search to find her daughter Natalee who did not make it home the last night of her senior trip to Aruba. When Beth is on the plane she goes over and over in her mind and tries to put the pieces together of how this could have happened to her Natalee. Natalee's friends told her some information. " She got into a car with a young man named Joran, or something like that."(page 33) This is usual and gives hope that Natalee is hopefully still somewhere on the island. Beth had a deep intuition that something bad was going to happen in Aruba. "A parent just knows when something is wrong."(page 34) Beth tells us how good of a daughter and person Natalee was and her leaving the bar, Carlos n' Charles was very out of character for Natalee. When Mrs.Holloway arrives to the Holiday Inn hotel where Natalee's high school was staying. At the hotel Beth meets two men named Alberto and Claudio who were assigned to help Beth in Aruba and help find Natalee. Everywhere Beth goes she brings a large portrait of Natalee and asks people around her if they have seen her anywhere. At the hotel the lady working at the front desk gives Mrs. Holloway Natalee's luggage that was left in her room. Mrs. Holloway also finds information about who Natalee left with from the front desk people. They say she left the bar in a silver car with two black men in the front seat and Joran and Natalee got into the back seat. Beth finds out that Joran lied and told Natalee he was a tourist but he really lives in Aruba. They find out his address and Beth, Jug (Beth's husband) and police officers and a DEA agent go to the house. When they get to the house Joran's father answers the door and says he is not home and tells them to go look for him at another hotel. Beth keeps saying " It's hard to comprehend that the beach patrol and the hotel staff won't pay attention to a tourist's crisis."(page 41) This is just terrible and I feel so sorry for Beth and her family.

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