Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Loving Natalee : Post 1A

Vocabulary Words-

(page 1):to come into view as a massive, distorted image.

*municipalities (page 4) : a community under municipal jurisdiction.

Figurative Language-

1. "I feel like concrete". (page 2) I know this is a literary element( a metaphor) because Beth Holloway doesn't literally feel like concrete she is just showing how she is extremely sad and stressed with everything that is happening in her life.
2. "Apparently word of the fire didn't spread as fast as the flames". (page 17) This is a literary element because the news of Beth's daughters disappearance didn't literally spread as fast as flames it is just a simile showing us how fast the news spread.
3. " Certified as an electrician, he was talented as a jack-of-all-trades." (page 18) This also is showing use of simile and I know it is figurative language and it describes how Beth's father was a very good handy-man and fixed up their lake house when it burned down.

" I drove away not knowing that would be the last time I would ever see Natalee." (page 16)
This quote is significant because Beth explains how she was already apprehensive about Natalee going on the senior trip already and Beth's entire life changed when her daughter was reported missing. This is important because the entire plot of the story is about Natalee's disappearance.

One theme I see emerging in the book is more of the story of the entire tragedy and what happened when Beth actually got to Aruba.

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